Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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Gee! On the eve of the 15th annivesary of the June 4 mass... you moved to Ass.. Shame on you, and the history book will record that so that all the school children in this world, billions of them, will know what kind of person you are ... .
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:02 am  
Gee! I'd love to have history book mentioning me along this line. But then, any publishing house which does that must have accepted my bribe.

I should start planning to do something (even more) outrageous on the 20th anniversary.
Blogger 曾堯 joetsang, at 7:57 am  
Ok, see how much you can bribe them. You stay in your own hole in Ass... opps, should be Aus... for 4years, you may be too smelly to get into any publishing houses, the security guards will definitely lock you out ...

BTW, what you have gained in the past 4 years? What you have lost? In the coming 4 years, how different will it be? Working life and life of early retirement must be very different. I believe when I retire, I will miss a few things dearly. One of those will be the very close interaction with people around me with same objectives in achieving something, and also the very close but bitter interaction with people around me with rather different or even incompatible objectives. The first one gives me so much satisfaction. In this regard, I am 100% a social animal. The second one gives me a lot of frustrations, but it helps me understand more about human nature and also myself. Everyone of us is beautiful, and also ulgy. It makes me feel good, and also bad. It makes me more ego-centric, and also more humble. Again in this regard, I am 100% a contradictory person. Are you??
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:15 pm  

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